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Compare Pool Plaster Finishes: PebbleTec vs. Marcite, Diamond Brite and Florida Gem

Florida Pool Pebble My Pool with Pebbletec
Pebbletec® masterpiece by Florida Pool™ & Ike's Carter Design

After over 30 years in the family pool plastering business, I've not only used all of these popular

pool finishes, but I'm the expert contractors call to repair/replace pool finish nightmares.

Hands down Pebbletec® is my "go-to" pool finish

and the only pool finishing product I recommend

and warranty. PebbleTec® pebble pool finishes are the smarter choice.

New Pool? Time for an upgrade? Let's compare the most popular pool plaster finishes on the market today including: PEBBLETEC®, MARCITE, DIAMOND BRITE & FLORIDA GEM.

Marcite / Plaster Pool Finish

Since the 1960s, standard marble-based mix has been the go-to pool plaster finish. But due to the porous nature of traditional pool plaster, it is highly susceptible to discoloring, staining, and harboring bacteria. (Let's not forget, asbestos was used early in traditional pool plastering.) Plaster pools require more chemicals to maintain a balanced water chemistry, especially in areas with hard-water (high alkalinity and calcium). Marcite was the material most commonly used for plastering a pool. Many people use the term “marcite” and “plaster” interchangeably. Most plaster pool need to be re-plastered approximately every 5-8 years. After the removal of asbestos, Marcite is considered by our industry one of the least durable pool finishes.

The pool industry finally recognized that there was a major problem with Marcite Pool Plaster finishes for pool interiors, introducing new alternatives including products like PebbleTec®, Diamond Brite, Florida Gem, Pre-mixed Marble-tite, and CLI pool finishes.

QUARTZ AGGREGATE The Quartz aggregate pool finish option is composed of fine quartz stone pieces, colored gems, and specially modified Portland cement. There are several competitors in the market, but the most recognized producers of Quartz aggregate pool finishes are Diamond Brite manufactured by CGM and Florida Gem manufactured by Florida Stucco. Unfortunately, poor water chemistry often causes pool plaster alternatives to fail within 7 to 10 years. As the plaster break downs it is unable to hold the color quartz in place.

  • Diamond Brite presents an alternative pool finish to marcite by mixing cement and quartz aggregate. Diamond Brite pool finish proved to be much stronger than traditional pool plaster finishes and provided a better alternative to old-school marcite plaster pools. If maintained properly, these finishes have a longer life than traditional pool plaster.

  • Florida Gem is also a well-known alternative to marcite pool plaster finish, similar to Diamond Brite, Florida Gem is made-up of natural quartz aggregates, white portland cement and additional proprietary additives. Compared to traditional pool plaster Florida Gem and Diamond Brite are both longer lasting surfaces with better resistance to stains and spot etching, all issues synonymous with with traditional pool plasters.

Pebbletec Pebblesheen Pebblefina Pebblebrilliance
PebbleTec® Pool Finish

PEBBLE AGGREGATE Pebble finishes are completely different than quartz aggregate and have proven to be much stronger. Pebbletec® is in a league of its own and produces multiple versions of its pebble pool finishes. Pebbletec®, Pebblesheen®, PebbleBrilliance®, PebbleEssence®, PebbleFina® and Pebble Breeze® mainly differ by the size of their pebble aggregate and color options.

PebbleTec® / PebbleSheen®

PebbleTec® has become known as the highest quality pool finishing material on the market today. Due to its longevity and ability to hide chemical residue, PebbleTec® has quickly become the leader in the pool finish industry used in the World's Greatest Pools. With proper care and maintenance, PebbleTec® natural pebble finish could last 20+ years.

What is PebbleTec®? Pebble Tec® is nature's solution to pool finish. This pebble bottomed pool is made from a proprietary formulated cement blended with pebble aggregates. These smooth pebbles makes up majority of the pool finish, much like a river bed. By using a naturally product, PebbbleTec® is stronger than man-made plaster and more durable giving homeowners a luxurious pool bottom finish that is designed to last!

Why choose Florida Pool™ finishers?

Only authorized applicators can install real Pebbletec® ensuring professional results.

Florida Pool™ owner Shawn Luttenauer
Shawn Luttenauer, Florida Pool™ Pebble Pool Finish Expert

I've been in the family pool finish business for over 30 years. My company Florida Pool™ has remained a recognized, award-winning industry leader in pebble and glass finishes for almost two decades. We are the best, because pool finishing is all we do!

Majority of our business comes directly from pool builders, contractors and designers. We have built our reputation within the pool industry by supplying quality product and superior work consistently to pool professionals, year after year.

Even though I'm a licensed pool contractor, I don't build pools. We only finish them.

I strongly believe you only become "the best" by dedicating all of your energy to one area of expertise. And I have committed my life to learning and mastering the chemistry and superior application of pool finishes.

While most of our work comes directly from pool builders, if you are only looking to refinish an existing pool we can help. Known for our innovative Pebble My Pool™ process, we make the entire pool finishing process easier. It's time to feel the difference with Florida Pool ™ and PebbleTec®. Call us today (561) 498-7665.

If you are looking to build a new pool or remodel, we can refer a reputable pool builder in your area.

* This article is based on my experience in the pool finish industry. There are a lot of factors that go into the durability and life-span on pool finishes. Material application and pool chemistry can drastically affect a pools surface. Please check out our article highlighting the National Plaster Counsel's recommendation on pool chemistry and start up procedures.


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